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Freaktion's debut album Aesthetic-Sin is OUT!

You can find it HERE & HERE.

The band recently had concerts in Pula and Zagreb so they could promote the album properly.

Covert art - source: Freaktion

We've been following Freaktion for quite some time now. The first thing you think when you see them is how young they all are. BUT, those are just years. Inside-out they are much older and one can see that listening to their debut album Aesthetic-Sin. The album contains 9 songs and is mostly dark with melancholic and ambient tones. Having in mind the themes of the songs, that is not surprising. The band speaks out about tragic stories, psihological problems, auto destruction and other profound thoughts.

The lyrics are very mature, the music carefully written, with a lot of ambient parts but also a lot of heavy riffs in between. It is not easy to categorise the music and Freaktion doesn't want to put themselves in a box, which is completely understandable. The easiest way to characterize their music is to describe it as alternative rock. However, there is a lot of different elements inside- a combination of progressive, heavy, ambient/atmospheric melodies.

The vocalist, Maja, has very powerful vocals, combining soft and heavy parts so easy, carefully and with soul.

It's mesmerising to think this kind of music is created by very young people (mostly high schoolers). So, Freaktion truly proves how wrong it is to think someone young is not mature enough to create music. The new generation has a lot to say and Freaktion is telling us everything loud and clear, with empathy, power and softness.

It's hard not to listen to the album on repeat.


The cover art of the album is made by the band's bass player, Vasja. The band invests a lot of creativity in their visuality. We can expect music videos from them soon, too.

The album was recorded in Partyzan studio, Pula, with the help of the mix engineer Perica Šuran and the producer Edi Cukerić. Ivan Arnold is responsible for the keyboards, synthesizers and string arrangements.

The band worked on the songs since 2019 and they worked on the album around a year.


Thank you Freaktion, we are now waiting for your 2nd album and will be enjoying your fierce debut album as long as possible, that's for sure.





In the Middle of Nowhere

Ethan White

Doorbell of Hell

Evil in Disguise


Show No Weakness

A few months ago we did an interview with Maja from Freaktion. If you're interested in the band's beginnings, the process of working on the album, its members backgrounds and ambitious, check it out.


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