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1. The band was founded in 2014. There have been some changes since then. Tell us about your beginnings and your situation now. Frayn is a rock/metal band from Varaždin and was formed by Mario Strlek (Imperium, Chain the Dust, Condor Skye, Voodoo Lizards, Uninvited) and Dora Jovanovska (Nox). Since the very beginning the band consisted of Dora Jovanovska (vocals), Mario Strlek (bass guitars), Mario Čavlek (guitars) and Srećko Đikić (drums). A year Later, Alen Bujan joined the band as a second guitarist. The band worked in that line-up for a while and during that period several songs were written. Due to personal commitments and lack of time, the band stopped working, and with the help of guitarist Marko Ruža (Uninvited), Mario and Dora released several songs (Stray, Crake, Crown and Blood) which later became the first EP called "New". This is followed by a creative break of a few years. Like it's said, every evil for some good, the covid-19 was in some way the reason for the reunion. In 2021, the band reunites with Matija Mioković (Vinyl Way) on guitar and Dario Sambol (Abduction, Uninvited, Cold Snap) on drums, and the band actively starts to work on new material. 2. You recently released the single River of Souls. What is the song about? River of Souls speaks about letting go. When ugly things happen to you in life, things you can’t change, the best thing you can probably do is to let them go. The river symbolizes transience and cleansing. If you simply don’t let go of some things, it can create too much venom in a person.

3. River of Souls is a part of your upcoming EP. When will the EP be released? Can you tell us something more about it? We will begin with the recording of few more songs of which at least two are planned to be released this year. Other songs from the upcoming EP will more likely come out next year. As for now, each song should be accompanied by a video. The full EP is due out next year, and since we decided to be as flexible as possible, we didn’t set any deadlines for the release. 4. Are you planning to play live sometime soon? Yes, we can't wait to play live! We're planning to start with live shows in 2022. 5. Do you have some thoughts you want to share with your fans and public in general? I don't know if we have any fans haha, and I surely don't want to sound like a smartass, but what occurred to us while reuniting was, you have to choose what you want to do in life, do your best and have fun. Don't wait for deadly viruses to remind you of what you love to do and what is your passion. And of course, thank you for giving our music a chance, hope you had fun listening just as we did recording it.

Photos: Frayn


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