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Source: Močvara

E.N.D. (Zadar)

18/9/2021 - MOČVARA, ZAGREB Tickets: 30 KN in pre-sale / 40 KN on the day of the concert

Facebook event: Text from the organizers: Covid passports are not required. The concert is a sitting type. Due to epidemiological measures, we keep a written record of visitors, so please come before the start of the concert to avoid crowds at the entrance and not to be late for the start of the concert. The terrace is open every day from 5 pm to midnight.

E.N.D., also known as Evil Never Dies, are one of the oldest active metal bands from Croatia, founded in 1996 in Zadar. They started as a hardcore band heavily influenced by the aggressive sounds of Sick of it All and Hatebreed, and this trio today worships complex grooveS, downtuned chugs, thrashy riffs and hardcore vibes, wrapped in their signature style appealing to fans of artists such as Meshuggah, Napalm Death, Sylosis and Whitechapel. After three albums in the last decade, the band returns with a 5-thing EP called A Grave Deceit. New stuff elevates the threatening sound of E.N.D to a higher level in performance, song lyrics, dynamics, and production. (Text: Močvara)

We asked the band more about their new EP and the upcoming concert.

After a break in songwriting and switching between two bass players, in November 2020 we released an EP called „A Grave Deceit“. The EP is released under Geenger Records and it contains 5 bonecrushing songs that contain the best of classic E.N.D. and new era of metal. The symbiosis of modern groove with thrash and hardcore is now well known and unique element of band’s creativity. That being said, the influence of old Meshuggah cannot be denied as well as the late 90es era of Napalm Death and Sick of It All.

Almost 2 years have passed since our last live show and we are anxious to go back on stage. Močvara broke the ice for us and we are ready to rip the stage this Saturday. We prepared something from each release but "A Grave Deceit" will, of course, be played in whole. Not to mention the new old bassist and the band's new sound. There's a limited number of tickets available so go get yours in time!


In late 1996, first line-up of E.N.D. (Evil Never Dies) was gathered for their first rehearsal in Zadar/Croatia. They started as a hardcore band but moved towards metal as years went by. Today, the style they grew is based on experimenting with many extreme metal and hardcore subgenres. Complex grooves, downtuned chugs, thrashy riffs and hardcore vibes, wrapped in their signature style, is something that can be recognized from miles away. Experience that the band collected over the years can be expressed by a large number of gigs in Europe, couple of demo records, videos, participation on compilation CD’s, 2 EP’s, 3 official full length albums, countless interviews and presentations in magazines, newspapers, web portals, blogs, Radio and TV shows which gave them status of one of the most known, as one of the oldest active metal bands in the country. In a list of shows which include festivals, such as BRUTAL ASSAULT, METALCAMP, METALFEST, MARTINSKA FEST, MONTEPARADISO, METAL MANIA OPEN AIR, TOTSASROCK… and other kinds of venues, E.N.D. shared stage with: TESTAMENT, MALIGNANT TUMOR, XENTRIX, HATESPHERE, SKITSYSTEM, DECAPITATED, MUNICIPAL WASTE, THE OCEAN, GOD DETHRONED, PUNGENT STENCH, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS... and many other foreign and local great names.

In April 1999, band records their first studio demo “Shortest Distance From The Truth”. Two years after, their potential was recognised and they were invited to participate in their first regional metal compilation “Stormbreed” with song “Free Yourself” for which they also shot their first video piece. Year 2003 was the year of their second studio demo “Thru The Thorns” and the year of many changes. In march 2005, the band recorded three new songs. This promo EP named “ the bones!” contains also second video for the song “Pointless Revelation”, live pictures and mp3’s arranged as flash multimedia interface. On October 3rd 2005, the band suffers a tragedy. They have lost a dear friend and a bandmate, Brane (R.I.P.). In October 2006, E.N.D. signs with DALLAS RECORDS for two of their songs from “ the bones!” EP for “New Underground - Hard Hitters From Croatia” compilation CD that collected very good reviews. Three years after the last record and one year of hard practicing in a new “three man band” situation, the band finally records their first official full length album called “Depravity”. They entered the studio in summer 2008. and a small local publisher releases their album in March 2009. The album has received very good reviews and the new line up left the best impressions so far. For the first time E.N.D.’s album can be found on the shelves of local CD stores, worldwide online shop CDBaby and all major mp3 distributors like iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody... In June 2013, the band signs with Geenger Records who releases their second full length album named “Illustrating Evil”. This album offers something different in terms of music style and production. Generally, they preserved their well-known style of playing but this time complexity of riffs and arrangements kicked in more than ever. Album was mixed in Subscale studio while for mastering they hired legendary Jocke Skog.

In December 2015, the band releases a compilation album titled Demonic8 in the cause of the band’s 20th anniversary. Although a retrospective, the album leaves an impression showing the evolution of their music from the hardcore roots to the thrash/groove machine as we know them today. 10 re-recorded and somewhat rearranged songs from the early demo tapes are a chance for the newer fans to hear how it all sounded like back in the early days but also for the older fans to enjoy their favorite songs in a superior production. Title Demonic8 is explained as a play on words “DEMO” and “8 - EIGHT” (years) referring on demo tapes created in the time period from 1997-2005. After a brake in songwriting, in which they focused on their personal lives as well as on switching between two bass players, in November 2020 they released an EP called „A Grave Deceit“. The EP contains 5 bonecrushing songs that contain the best of classic E.N.D. and new erra of metal. The symbiosis of modern groove with thrash and hardcore is now well known and unique element of band’s creativity.


A Grave Deceit (EP, 2020)

Demonic8 (Album 2015)

Illustrating Evil (Album, 2013)

Depravity (Album, 2009)

New Underground (Dallas Records compilation, 2006) the bones (EP, 2005)

Thru The Thorns (Demo, 2003)

Free Yourself (Single, Stormbreed compilation, 2001)

Shortest Distance From The Truth (Demo, 1999)


Blinded By Avarice (A Grave Deceit, EP 2020)

100rpm (Demonic8, Album 2015)

Life Is Pain - Lyric Video (Demonic8, Album 2015)

Disowned (Illustrating Evil, Album 2013)

Low Profile (Depravity, Album, 2009) Pointless Revelation ( the bones, EP 2005) Free Yourself (Single, 2001)

Current members

Alen Babin - Alekke (Guitars, Vocals, 1996-present)

Davor Babin - Didin (Drums, 1996-present)

Ivan Car (Bass, 2009-2016, 2020-present)

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