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Dino Jelusick (Jelusic) released a new single “Ti to dobro znaš”. He decided for the single to be in Croatian so he can give something back to his Croatian fans.

To all my friends outside Croatia, I decided to finally do a song in my own language, I felt like I owe it to all the fans here.

The intro is my little homage to Hans Zimmer and the rest was simply done by us four, Keller, Mario and Luke took my idea to a whole another level (we even made it more simple, the first idea was more proggy, imagine that haha)

We have english version as well.

(Dino Jelusick‘s Facebook page)

The story in the video follows a young athlete from Slavonski Brod, Croatia- Vanesa Tot. She accomplished a lot as young as she is so Dino and the band decided to dedicate the story to her.

You can watch the video HERE.


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