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dipARTicle's archive (Metal Fest Pula, Club Uljanik, 2018)

I am beyond honoured to be part of one of my favourite bands of all time. To get the phone call from David Coverdale is something every singer and musician of my generation can only dream of, it still feels completely surreal. I cannot wait to start hitting the road with Whitesnake and as the great DC said to me himself, to give a piece of my identity to the sound of this iconic band.

- Dino wrote on his social media.

Whitesnake released the news on their official website.

I am absolutely delighted to welcome the extremely gifted DINO JELUSICK to Whitesnake. We’ve had our eyes & ears on him since we played Zagreb together 2 years ago. You’re going to love him!

– David Coverdale

Source: Dino Jelusick's Facebook page

You can read the whole text here.

The band also published a video for the upcoming Ireland & UK tour.


Let's remind ourselves, in 2019 Dino's band, Animal Drive, opened for Whitesnake in Zagreb.

We certainly congratulate him and wish him good luck!

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