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Dino Jelusick - dipARTicle's archive

We did two interviews with Dino, one in 2017 and one in 2019. So, we decided to talk to him again, having in mind all the recent news regarding his career.



When and how did you find out that you are going to be part of Whitesnake?

Joel Hoesktra phoned me at 2am to ask me if I’d love to be a part of it, saying Coverdale was impressed with my work. David phoned me the next day and asked me and of course I said “yes”.


You played before Whitesnake with Animal Drive in 2019 in Zagreb. So, that was the first time Whitesnake really saw you/heard you? 

Well, some other members of WS knew me and heard my work, but if you’re referring to David Coverdale, then yes.

Is there some detail you can share with us regarding your role on the stage?  

Not really. I will be doing some keyboards, guitars and he mentioned some singing, but I don’t know what exactly he meant, probably backing vocals.


How do you feel about all of that? You worked very hard your whole life but this is still huge. You must feel a lot. 

Feels great, I’m honored to get this call, since it’s my fave frontman calling me in his own band.


Source: Dino Jelusick's Facebook


It is amazing that you succeeded outside of your country but that's also sad, I dare to say, knowing that your talent got noticed abroad more than it was ever noticed here, in Croatia. What are your thoughts on that? 

I have no more thoughts of that. It is what it is. I still see negative comments towards myself and even if I became as big as Metallica or Guns N Roses, those people will always have something bad to say, but tells more about them. I was born for this and my only focus is to go forward and deeper. But on the other hand, a lot of Croatians are really proud of everything I achieved so far so seeing that is always nice and satisfying.


The tour dates with Whitesnake got released. Will there be more dates? Sadly, Croatia is not on the list. Well, a lot of your fans and friends from Croatia now have a perfect excuse to travel ;) 

Not all the dates are released yet. So who knows, it might happen, I’m still waiting for the rest of the Euro dates in 2022.

All the tour dates:


Not so long ago you launched a new website and now you present yourself as Dino Jelusick. Was the reason for that change your career abroad? 

Well, I got a lot of exposure during Covid times and decided to work on my own brand. I was presented as Dino before but this is more like “here you can find all of my work” thing. There’s a lot of stuff from the past people don’t know and this website will gather all of it.

In July you released a new song, Healer. What's the story behind the song? 

It's a story about how I needed to heal some deep wounds. Businesswise and on a personal note. So the song came out naturally and people really dig it. It's all about finding yourself in the lyrics and the groove.

LoloManuel - yt channel

At the moment you are on your Healer Tour and you recently announced that you're going on the 2021 tour with TSO. So, you'll have a busy autumn/winter and a busy 2022. Tell us about your tour and your preparations for the winter and the upcoming year. You must be excited. 

Not anymore, came back 3 days ago but it was pretty wild. 15 concerts, nice to perform again for the crowd all over the Europe. TSO starts in 2 weeks, I'm preparing songs for the new tour and getting ready to pack my stuff and see my touring family in USA. Feels so good to know I'll be in Omaha in 14 days.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Michael J. Romeo. You recently posted about it for the first time. 

Yeah, beyond excited for that album. Romeo has been one of my heroes and I've always been an SX fan so this is pretty cool. The album is insane. He did some phenomenal scoring on it. Hans Zimmer is a fan of his, so you can image how good it is. Combined with prog/heavy metal and my vocals, which on some parts are pretty unusual for people that love to put me in a certain box. I sang bluesy, heavy, growled, screamed... It has it all. Vocally, it's over the top.

Do you have some other thoughts you want to share with your fans and public in general? 

As of now, I really don’t. Hopefully 2022 brings more joy than 2020/2021 and we move on with our lives like in 2019.


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