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Diamond Dust is a five-member heavy metal band from Rijeka that was founded in 2006, which means that at the beginning of 2022 the band will be 15 years old. In its history, the band has not had too many changes of members, which has contributed to such a long career at a time when it is not easy to keep the band together and create music. The band consists of Jakov "Jay" Hrkać on vocals, Alen Dumić and Franko Dekleva on guitars, and the rhythm section is completed by Marko Jurman on bass guitar and Armando Floričić on drums. The bass guitar has been the biggest problem of the band for many years, which Marko Jurman completed with his arrival in 2021 and strengthened the team within the band.

Diamond dust has released two demo albums in its history and will release an album called "Ten years in dust" in early 2022. Thet worked on the album for five long years, it encountered all sorts of obstacles in the process, but with great desire and sacrifice of band members, the album was finally completed in October 2021. The process of mixing and mastering the songs was accepted by Marko Matijević Sekul, who did a great job and further enhanced the impression of the songs on the album. The material on the album itself is a compilation of powerful and explosive heavy / trash metal songs, singing refrains and melodic solos, and includes 11 songs and over 50 minutes of material. The song "Martyr" was chosen for the single, which fully describes the musical direction in which Diamond dust is going. A video for this song was recorded and released in October 2021, and the recording and editing was done by Mateo Jurčić and Artem Duškin from "Lumiere Production".

During its 15 years of existence, Diamond dust has played and performed at various concerts and festivals throughout Croatia, and in the future the band hopes to repeat some of them, but also to go abroad and play for foreign audiences.

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