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photo: Borut Brozović ( Studio B )

Diamond Dust (Rijeka) released their new album Ten Years in Dust they've been working on for 5 years.


Jakov „Jay“ Hrkać vocals

Alen Dumić & Franko Dekleva guitars

Marko Jurman bass

Armando Floričić drums

In the past, the band released two demo albums - Diamond Dust & Triumph of Soul.

Mix & Mastering of the new album:

Marko Matijević Sekul

The band is also thankful for the help they've got from:

Ognjen Kekanović

Miran Milić

Dario Butković

Lino Grim

Cover of the album

The album is a compilation of strong and explosive heavy thrash metal songs with melodic solos, it has 11 songs with more than 50 minutes of material. The band signed with ONErpm so the album can be found on every music platform.

The first single on the album is Martyr which perfectly describes the musical direction the band took. For that song, the band made a video that got out in October 2021.

There is a lyric video for the 2nd single Ten Years in Dust that was released in April.

Diamond Dust played many concerts and had shows at many festivals across Croatia and with this album they want to open a door to many new concerts in Croatia but also abroad.

Diamond Dust is known for their heavy / thrash sound. However, I dare to say they bring something new to the table as they combine different elements of different metal genres with very specific vocals. Also, it is interesting to hear how each and every song brings something different, from a classic thrash sound to the very melodic, light and singing choruses. 11 songs, 11 explosive stories, with amazing guitar and drum parts of the songs.

This album is the band's first studio album. They worked hard for this and are now ready for new experiences in their career.

Last year we had an interview with the band.


Instagram: diamond_dust_band

Facebook: Diamond Dust


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