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Updated: Oct 2, 2021


At the end of August, the eighth Dark Circle Fest will be held. It is a festival in Rijeka dedicated to fierce music, which has brought many well-known world and domestic names of this music genre to the audience in the past seven editions. Dark Circle Fest changed its famous location in Hartera in early 2020 when it experienced its club release and this year it arrives at a new, convenient and attractive location on the coast of Rijeka.

The open air edition of the festival will be held on the 27th of August on the beach of the beach bar Empeduja, starting at 7 pm, where Rijeka's metal forces will perform: Krematorium, Zenoth, Speedclaw, Mamut, Entropist and Soulcase. Empeduja beach bar is a long-term partner of the festival where additional programs such as "Dark Beach Party" were held in previous editions of Dark Circle Fest. In order to attend the new edition of the festival, it is necessary to set aside 30 kn (tickets are sold only on the day of the festival at the entrance, no presale) and all visitors must have either Covid passports or can be tested at the entrance to the festival. The price of the test is 30 kn. The Ri Rock Association is directing its sails towards Bivio Beach and invites all its darker and loud music lovers on August 27, 2021 to enjoy the beach with performances by Rijeka bands.

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