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Alternative rock band Danga presents a lyric video for the song Samožderi, the second single announcing the debut EP release Prvi Rez.

Danga is a Belgrade band, led by the strong vocals of Andrea Ambrush, who build their own sound under the strong influence of the 90s music. Danga band creates a lot colorful music - songs range from gloomy and heavy distort, to very peaceful songs whose roots are in indie rock. Their debut EP release Prvi Rez was recorded by Sergej Sokolov in 3x2 studios in Pančevo, Down There studio and FDU premises in Belgrade. David Jovan was in charge of the master.

The second single Samožderi is the most textually abstract song that will be on the debut of this band and for that very reason the members of this band think that the lyric video is real a way to convey her message clearly. With strong poetic images, lyrical subject takes the listener on a not-so-nice introspective journey. "Self-Eaters" is a song about the old mistakes, selfishness and greed that mercilessly drag us into loneliness and boredom.

Danga previously released the single Mozak mi se zaledio, and the EP Prvi Rez will be released in the following period by the single-by-single method on the Youtube channel of the band Danga. The audience will have the opportunity to hear songs live in the Belgrade club Jazz Bar Center on December 10, where Danga will perform with the band Stain in an acoustic version.


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