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Source: Facebook / Dinorth Produkcija

Cold Snap celebrates 20 years of existence. They released a new video, which is - like all of their work - a true masterpiece when it comes to acting, amazing music and a great story behind it all.

The band will also play at MetalDays festival that will take place on another location for the first time ever, in Velenje (SLO).

Cold Snap was founded in 2003, the band had concerts across Europe, sharing the stage with many big names such as Jinjer, Disturbed, Soulfly and many more.

They released an EP Mea Culpa in 2005 and albums Empty Promises in 2008, Perfection, in 2010, World War 3 in 2013 and All Our Sins In 2018.

We've been following their work for years, went on many of their concerts and did an interview with the band a year ago.

Cold Snap is one of the biggest Croatian names when it comes to metal music but also music in general. The band has a huge career behind them and they are still working hard and with heart every step of the way, which can be seen and felt while listening to their music, watching their live performances and music videos.

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