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Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS have released a new video 'Living out of the egg', Feat. band's drummer Simone Cescutti as singer. 'Living out of the egg' is taken from the band's upcoming album "Huldufólk" on April 1st, via Elevate Records.

Jonathan Vanderbilt, the band's frontman shared:

"Simone Cescutti, the drummer of CELTIC HILLS, leaves the band to pursue a career as a singer. To say goodbye and wish him the best in this new adventure, he and Jonathan Vanderbilt have made a video to greet the fans with a song designed just for Simone's new career: Living out of the egg. The song is present in the new album "Huldufolk", coming out on April 1st, and maybe Simone will still play some live concerts, while the band is still rehearsing with the new drum substitutes."

Watch 'Living out of the egg' video here:

The new album "Huldufolk" collects and relaunches the excellent reviews obtained from the previous work. "Huldufolk" is a record with a lot of melody but characterized by the speed that distinguishes Celtic Hills, and this single is a great taste of what we're going to hear.

The album was produced by Michele Guaitoli singer of Temperance and Vision of Atlantis in the studios of the Groove Factory in Udine and for the realization of the cover again the talented Sheila Franco.

Just recently the band released the first single and lyric video 'After the Earthquake', taken from "Huldufólk", in case you missed it, watch here:

"After The Hearthquake" is a song that tells of the strength and aggregation of the people after the terrible earthquake of May 6, 1976 in Friuli. A text that tells the tenacity, the solidarity for what has gone down in history as the Great Reconstruction of Friuli. A hymn to remain united and help each other during the tragedies that afflict the peoples of the whole Earth.

Earlier Jonathan revealed on "Huldufólk":

"Again this time we will talk about Friuli, and the theory is at work that the location of the American Air Force Base Aviano is used to control an ancient access to the underground world, which has been used by the pagan gods since ancient times. The magical rites of the inhabitants of the mountains and the places where elves, fairies and gnomes once lived among the people are revealed. There are already definitive titles such as The Sound of the Earth in F sharp minor. A text tells how you can use the beneficial energy of the trees at dawn to strengthen your energies, but there will be no lack of historical events that accompany every CELTIC HILLS album."

Jonathan on the album cover artwork:

"The cover was again entrusted to Sheila Franco with the input of drawing a brighter cover, with the predominant green between the green that characterizes the MATRIX movie and the green of uncontaminated nature. A record in the balance between the enchanted world of legends, heroic deeds performed by people who wanted a better world. A record that looks to the past, projecting itself into a future to be built. A passing disc that wants to take past history with it to go further draw."

The tracklisting reads the following:

1 – The Secret of the Grail

2 – Metal Message

3 – After The Eartquake

4 – Hidden Folk

5 - Green Forest

6 – Gate Of Hollow Earth

7 – Living Out Of The Egg

8 – The Sound Of Earth

9 - The Hammer Of Thor

10 - Villacher Kirktag

Bonus track

Words In Out (remix 2022)

Living Out Of The Egg sings by Simone Cescutti


CELTIC HILLS' latest effort "Mystai Keltoy" was released on May 15th 2021 via Elevate Records. Order the album here:

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CELTIC HILLS were born in 2010, in 2020 they sign a recording contract with Elevate Records with which they released the album "Blood over Intents" and the EP "Schrage Musik" both in 2020. In 2021 another album is out "Mystai Keltoy" produced and recorded by Michele Guaitoli singer of Temperance, Vision of Atlantis and Era. The style played is difficult to place in a single vein of metal, as there are many influences ranging from death to power, with sound elements that can also recall a certain type of 90's thrash. The singing is quite varied, and for some listeners it may seem unusual in a metal band. power, speed and good melodic lines distinguish the band from others. Between 2010 and 2020 they released "Horns helmet fighters" and for the Slovak Music Globalliance they came out on international compilations on volumes 2,3,4. CELTIC HILLS' new album "Huldufólk" is coming out on April 1st, 2022 via Elevate Records.


2010 • Horns Helmet Fighters • Demo

2020 • Blood Over Intents • Full-length

2020 • Schräge Music • EP

2021 • Mystai Keltoy • Full-length

2022 • Huldufólk • Full-length

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Source: Split Screen PR


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