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BUG (Austria), Unbite (Germany)

SUNDAY 24.10 • DOOR 19:00, START 20:00 • ENTRANCE 35 KN

Covid pass's not needed. The number of tickets is restricted.

There will be a list for everyone who's entering the concert so it is advised to everyone to come earlier to avoid a crowd.

The Tyrolean noise rock quartet BUG has nurtured its black-post-doom-blues-sludge-avant-garde harmony for over two decades. Their stoic mentality, combined with a strong DIY ethic and devastating performances, made them one of the legends of the Austrian underground during the band's existence. They are difficult to categorize, as they are not inclined to stick to the framework and conventions of one genre, they have always been part of the non-scene. Unable to follow trends, they are stuck in a kind of musical autism, along with texts about nihilism, political satire, and everyday madness.


Unbite are a trio from Stuttgart, formed in 2019. They play tense, dissonant and ugly music with elements of post punk, grunge and noise rock - they can be compared to Unsane, Multicult, USA Nails and related bands. In November 2019, they released the EP "Merge", and at the end of last year they released a great LP, called "Fang".

Photo & info: Močvara


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