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No Profit Recordings brings a black, death, doom, grind metal night @ Monteparadiso.

Date: 12th of May, 20:00 / Concerts: 21:30

Entrance: 5 EUR

Bands: Ater Era (SLO) and Dropthehammer (CRO)

Ater Era comes to Pula for the first time. They play black and doom metal. The band was founded in 2006. In 2008 they released their first album "In Autumn's Solitary Decline" and in 2013 they released their 2nd album "Beneath Inanimate Grime". The band went on the European tour with Hell Militia and started working on their 3rd album. Their 3rd album "Clades" was released in 2017.

Their music is known for its huge complexity.

At the moment the band works on their 4th studio album.

Ater Era / Source: No Profit Recordings

Besides Ater Era, the local forces Dropthehammer will own the stage too. The band released two albums and had concerts across Croatia and beyond. Dropthehammer was founded in 2014 and the band plays death metal i grindcore. The band announced their 3rd album.

Dropthehammer / Source: No Profit Recordings


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