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Source: Sanjin Đukić

Legend has it that in 2017, at the first Sea Star festival, Baby Lasagna was helping around the stage for The Prodigy. The British electro punk greats rocked the main stage of the newly launched Umag festival, and probably none of those present thought that the boy who helps carry the equipment would one day be the headliner of that same event.

And only 7 years later, in several locations around Umag, he recorded this video:

There is a lot of symbolism and similarities in the level of emotion and excitement between Prodigy and Baby Lasagna. Last May, Liam and company arrived in Umag as part of the world's most popular tour. This May, Baby Lasagna returns to Umag as the most sought-after name in the region and the absolute champion of the Eurovision audience.

And he got the role that he absolutely deserved with his music and positive energy. He is one of the headliners of the festival, in the most important slot of the Saturday program, and Sea Star has the honor of bringing the audience from Europe and the world on its main stage his first concert after the historic Eurovision success.

(info: S. Đukić)


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