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When the three friends Raphi (guitar), Zahn (vocals, guitar) and Markus (drums) formed the band BÖLLVERK in May 2018, this fortunate circumstance marked the initial spark for a quite enormous revitalization of the German Heavy Metal guild! The three playful enthusiasts quickly wrote their first own songs, and the common favourite direction crystallised out very quickly: core-traditional and above all fundamentally honest HEAVY METAL with a damn iconic 80s touch!


Svenja • Vocals

Zahn • Guitar, Vocals

Raphi • Guitar

Tim • Bass

Angelo • Drums

From September 2018, bass player Sense completed the line-up. The very first live shows were played and received great feedback from the audience. With this momentum, BÖLLVERK entered the studio in autumn 2019 to record the first demo "Let's Ride Till Dawn". It was released on March 6, 2020 and received good reviews from the press and fans. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown at the time, the CD could not be promoted on the stages. During the worldwide misery of the global pandemic, however, BÖLLVERK by no means stood still. Personnel changes were also managed with determination, whereby the stylistic directness always remained completely the same. The BÖLLVERK rhythm section was re-staffed with Angelo (drums) and Tim on bass. And Svenja as a promising new singer raises the solid musical foundation to an even higher level with her enormously powerful and distinctive voice.

Official release: April 22, 2022

[ Label: Independent ]

TRACKLIST: 01. Ask The Angel, Listen To The Devil (06:05) 02. Let's Ride Till Dawn (03:27) 03. Good Morning Rock'n'Roll (04:25) 04. Heading For The Crown (04:49) 05. The 7th No (IS A KO) (04:37) 06. Master Of Thunder (06:26) 07. Live Fast (04:20) 08. Next Level Of Service (03:56) 09. Someday We Will Die (05:50) total: 44:07 min.

➤➤➤ With this new line-up, the fantastic debut album "Heading For The Crown" was recorded. The experienced Rolf Munkes is responsible for the crisp and deliciously kicking overall sound with his Empire Studio, who is also known in the scene as the axeman of Crematory. The old school-addicted battlevest banger fraction can expect refreshingly pure, wonderfully powerful and teutonically forged Heavy Metal material in the gloriously timeless style of early Accept, Warlock & Running Wild!



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