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Updated: Dec 2, 2019


Roštiljarka live 2019 was held on the 29th of November in Club Uljanik. The concerts started around 22.15h. 5 bands shared the stage and it was amazing to see Club Uljanik almost full of people, all sharing the same passion towards metal music. Pula was always known for its rock/metal scene and from time to time is always nice to see that there are still people interested in concerts, metal and full support towards the scene. It is indeed a reminder for all the bands and metal fans not to ever give up from working hard and supporting passionately.

The bands - Arrival, Old Night. Dropthehammer, Nether, Empire of Hell - filled the evening with different genres of metal and they all gathered a big diverse crowd which stayed near the stage during the night and until the concerts were over, which was apx around 3h in the morning.

Before and after the concerts there was a DJ program. Also, this time the stage was bigger (longer) so the bands had much more space than usual. Roštiljarka had been alive for 19 years and we do hope it will continue to do so in the future.


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