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Cover for the single "Risset"

Source: Kryn

Design: Vastness Inside

Kryn released a music video for their new single "Risset". The band announced they will be releasing new songs as singles along with artworks in the future. The frontman of the band, Karlo Horvat, posted that this single represents a beginning of a new KRYN era.



Mixed by Asher Ally Mastered by Systematic Productions Video by Mirko Žorž


Regarding the band's live shows, here are all the dates for their shows in Croatia in one place.

Source: Kryn

Not so long ago, the famous YouTuber Jared Dines put together and shared a video of 10 sick bands people never heard before. Kryn was put on the 1st place, which is a truly amazing thing, having in mind that Jared Dines has almost 180 000 followers on his Facebook page and more than 2.5M subscribers on his YT channel. The video has already over 150 000 views on Facebook and almost 100 000 views on YT. You can watch the video below!

You can follow Kryn's work on this pages:

Source: Kryn

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