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16th Viva La Pola! Festival this year hosted 4 concerts during one long evening. Kani Bastardi were first to play, warming up the audience and the stage. Stepped Out, a band from Split, had their time on stage soon after, the audience was getting bigger and Club Uljanik smaller.

The headliners of the Festival, Agnostic Front started with the concert around 22h and they played for an hour, a fully energetic and powerful hour. Uljanik was full with true fans who came to support the legends of hardcore.

With this concert and many other on their current tour, Agnostic Front's celebrating 35 years since their debut album, the famous "Victim In pain". Also, they announced their new upcoming album which is supposed to be released on the 8th of November.

The band was energetic and communicative during the whole concert and their fans sang along most of the time. Vinnie Stigma in one point even went into the audience and continued to play the guitar while everyone ran and jumped around him. Last time they played in Pula was back in 2015 also at Viva La Pola!. It was more then clear how happy they were to be back which made the concert even better and the night worth remembering.

Kryn started with their concert sometime before 12pm and held, as always, a rich and charismatic concert in front of their fans and other interested people who decided to stay until the end of the Festival. The stage was enriched with special lightning and visuals and among their stuff from the 1st album, the band played few new songs from their upcoming, 2nd, album. It was a powerful concert and a great ending for Viva La Pola! Festival, a Festival with huge tradition indeed.


Short video:

Photos: ©diparticle

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