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Source: Viva La Pola! Festival

The 16th edition of Viva La Pola! is getting close. The Festival will be held on the 14th of August in Club Uljanik, Pula.

The headliners are Agnostic Front from New York and this will be their second time to perform in Pula, after their concert in 2015. The hardcore metal band comes with two icons, Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret.

Source: Viva la Pola! Festival

With this concert, Agnostic Front will celebrate 35 years since their debut album Victim In pain which is still an inspiration to a lot of bands, worldwide speaking. The band was founded in 1980 in New York.

Their albums are: Victim In Pain 1984., Cause of Alarm 1986., Liberty and Justice For.. 1987, One Voice 1992, Something's Gotta Give 1998, Riot, Riot, Upstart 1999, Dead Yuppies 2001, Another Voice 2004, Warriors 2007, Victim In Pain 2009, My Life My Way 2011, The American Dream Died 2015.

In 1992 the band parted ways but it continued to work, with new members, in 1996. In 2017 a documentary came out, The Godfathers Of Hardcore, which speaks about the band's 35 year old career, the story of growing up in the streets of NY, the beginnings of hardcore and the impact of the band on the worldwide famous musicians such as Kirk Hammett, Scott Ian, Phil Anselmo and bands Madball, Hatebreed and many others. The concert in Pula is one of many concerts in their Summer Madness tour.

Besides Agnostic Front, there are few more names in the Festival's line up - Kryn from Rijeka, Stepped Out from Split and Kani Bastardi from Pula.

Source: diparticle's private archive

Kryn, a well known band from Rijeka, have their own, powerful vision of modern metal. They started playing in 2004 as Downfall and later became Kryn when they began to combine various metal elements, with tough riffs and impressive vocal performances.

The band held concerts on Euroblast, MetalDays, Underwall and many Croatian Festivals and smaller gigs, and in 2014 they released their first album Scars Remind me, which is for sure, one of the best albums of the Croatian metal scene these days. After a short break, they returned to the scene in 2018 with a new member, Dušan Kranjc, on the drums. The band is now finishing its 2nd album and this will be their comeback to Pula after six long years.

Stepped Out is a band from Split and they represent the old school hardcore sound with elements of punk rock, melodic hardcore and other. They released few EPs and the recent one, from 2018, is called Voice Of The Uprising.

Source: Stepped Out's Facebook profile

Kani Bastardi are a fresh and young forces from Pula. They gathered in 2015 and they play hardcore. Their debut album Vaffanculo came out in 2017.

Source: Kani Bastardi's Facebook profile

The tickets for Viva La Pola! can be found in few places in Pula (Caffe Bar Bass, Rock Bar Mimoza and Club Uljanik), in Dallas Music Shop in Rijeka but also via

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