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Another MetalDays left its fans with nostalgia and bitter taste the very moment it was finished. This edition was, as much as every other, amazing. The river and the mountains cannot disappoint, the sun was pushing the visitors in the cold rivers every day and all the metal music kept the Festival alive for one whole week. There were various bands with various metal genres and everybody could find something for himself, either folk metal, heavy metal, death metal, metalcore, black metal etc.

It was sad to hear about the potential transfer of the Festival to another location, starting with 2021. The fans hope there is still a chance for MD to remain in the most perfect location for a music Festival, in Tolmin and Soča Valley, a truly unique and mesmerizing scenery, which people adore. It's that kind of atmosphere which MetalDays has, that makes everybody returning every other year. It is indeed a pure combination of great music, beautiful nature and glorious synergy which overall creates a perfect vacation for music and nature lovers.

Thank you MetalDays and see you next year!



Photos & video: ©dipARTicle

Dina Cvek & Patrik Zubaj

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