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Updated: Sep 20, 2021


The 2nd edition of GoatHell Metal Fest lasted three days and it went more than great. Pestilence and Destruction, as headliners of the Festival, definitely got the biggest crowd of fans during their concert as the Festival overall had more visitors than last year. It's still finding its way to the biggest and wider crowd though. However, this is still a young Festival, with big potential, and it is expected for it to be visited more in the future. It definitely deserves it. People came from different countries all around Europe, such as Italy, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc, which is truly an amazing fact for such a young project.

Talking about bands, there were 30 bands on the lineup this year, the concerts began in the afternoons and ended late in night. It was intensive and fulfilling, with more side content (souvenirs, art exhibitions, Gladiators, workshop for drummers, fire jugglers) and bigger offer of drinks and food than last year.

Besides Pestilence and Destruction, who gave us a memorable thrash metal performance with sounds of history and music tradition, there were a lot of bands who left the audience with their fists in the air, such as Archaic, Feelament, Bloodphemy and many more. Of course, every and each performance during the Festival had its own energy and every metal fan could find something for himself during the three days full of true metal vibes.

Let's remind ourselves, the bands who shared the stage on this Festival were: Iron Bastards, Omega Diatribe, Extreme Smoke 57, Nether, Stonetribe, Their, Nikola's Cage, Lionmane, Crisalide, Inira, Necrosy, Even Flow, Disease Illusion, Ephyra, Evolucija, Angelcrypt, Pestilence, Kryterion, Innersphere, D with us, Bad hammer, M.O.R.T.H., April Weeps, Feelament, Archaic, Bloodphemy, Murder Angels, Destruction, Sky Eye & Evil Blood.

The location, as last year, had a huge meaning for the Festival, having the woods on one side and the sea with a perfect viewpoint on Pula on the other. The scenery is a big plus for the Festival and for the future editions, having in mind that location is a big factor for many people who are not just coming to listen to the music but also to visit the surroundings and to 'feel' the country.

This year's Festival also had partners, as we already said - Metal shop and the German agency Cmm Communication Management Marketing GmbH.

Kairos, the organizer, showed one more time what is possible, when enthusiasm, will, courage and motivation come together. Nothing would be possible without their friends and volonteers, and of course, sponsors and partners of the Festival.

After two great editions, we are now looking forward to the third one, with bigger expectations and all the amazing memories we made so far.

Thank you GoatHell and see you next year!

Short afermovie of GoatHell 2019

Photos & video: dipARTicle

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