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Official MD announcement:

New Metal Festival is a festival for bands you have never had the opportunity to see, bands you have never heard of, and bands that you are going to discover before the rest of the Metal world finds out how great they are.

Many of you are familiar with our New Forces project which we started back in 2013. In the last 7 years, this project made possible for over 200 new metal bands to play at MetalDays and to be promoted among the greatest metal bands worldwide.

After 7 years, we came to the point where we felt that we needed to make a new step and put this on a whole new level... and this is how New Metal Festival was born. In an industry where presenting amazing young bands to a wider audience is one of the most crucial accomplishments we work towards, New Metal Festival rises as one of the most unique festivals in the world, and incredibly important to Metal genre as a whole.

New Metal Festival is a 2-day festival dedicated to all new and promising Metal bands.

It will take place on 25-26th July 2020 (Saturday and Sunday) at MetalDays Bosko Bursac stage. Tickets for New Metal Festival will replace the so-called “MetalDays Early Arrival” fee. This means that there will be no more Early Arrivals to MetalDays. You will be visiting New Metal Festival instead. More details about price and timings will follow soon.

Why New Metal Festival? Well, “New Forces” was a great project, but we wanted to give new, young bands a possibility to play on the bigger stage and to have this unique feeling of being part of something bigger. They will get the needed experience like playing for larger audience, respecting stage timings and changeovers, and all other priceless things which band can learn only while playing on larger stages. And this is not everything; there will be one known band as a headliner each evening and there will be New Metal Festival Merchandise for all of you who would like to support this. We will also cooperate with other respectable Metal Festivals and we will try to put our newcomers on other stages as well.


How to be a part of New Metal Festival in beautiful Sotočje, Tolmin? Rules are pretty simple; *The application system remains the same as for the New Forces. It is listed below. *We will carefully pick out 12 bands for New Metal Festival. *One band can apply as many times as they want until they are picked. *A band can only play once at New Metal Festival (unless picked by audience to play as a co-headliner in the following year). *As with New Forces, selling tickets is not mandatory, but it can help your band in the following ways: - boosting traffic on your social media. - getting a better slot at New Metal Festival. - 5 most selling bands will get the opening slot at MetalDays Lemmy stage in the following year. *Visitors will choose 2 bands which will be the co-headliners at the next New Metal Festival. It is called Visitors Choice Award.


Why only 12 bands? We strongly believe that it makes a lot more sense to concentrate on less bands but give them a better promotion and conditions. Quality over quantity is our goal! At New Forces we hosted hundreds of bands, not many of them showed continuity and devotion in what they do. With New Metal Festival the chances are 50% for every band to play two years in a row at the world-known festivals and being promoted among biggest bands in Metal genre.

We believe we are, once again, starting a unique and challenging story, but we strongly feel that Metal Community needs New Metal Festival. Be the dreamers of tomorrow! Join us as bands and support us as visitors. New Metal Festival, the future starts here!

How to apply for New Metal Festival slot?

Info and poster: MD

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