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Source: MD

Due to schedule conflict, Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals had to cancel their show at MetalDays. The band is already confirmed for MetalDays 2020.

The official statement:

To all the fans and directly to the organizers of the Metal Days festival in Slovenia, it must be announced that I will not be able to make the show. There was a scheduling conflict that made it impossible for me & The Illegals to be there. And I must add, not only is this a loss for the awesome Slovenian fans, but it’s our loss, too! Not being able to play disappoints me greatly, as I love this festival—it’s unique and beautiful and I am always treated well by the event-throwers. I hope all concerned will find it in their hearts to forgive this scheduling mistake, so we would be looking forward to play Metaldays in 2020.

Theory (New Forces Stage) had to cancel as well.

The official statement:

Our singer and his wife are having a baby and the date has been set to right around the time when we are supposed to go to Slovenia to play. As you can imagine he is anxious that he will miss out on the birth and he has expressed a wish to cancel the concert if possible. This is of course most unfortunate since we have all been looking forward to play at Metaldays and we hate to cause you and your team, and the visitors inconvenience for backing out. Let us stress that we of course did not know about this when we agreed to play the concert.

However, Rotting Christ jumped in last minute and confirmed for MetalDays 2019!

Also, Serbian Hardcore Legends Ritam Nereda are returning to MetalDays.

Source: MD

Festival tickets and tickets for July 24th are available here:

MetalDays 2019 Line up:

Line up A-Z: Akercocke, Alien Weaponry, Alkaloid, Altair, Animae Silentes, Arcanus, Arch Enemy, Architects, Atrexial Autopsy by Night, Bel O Kan, Big Bad Wolf, Bloodshot Dawn, Bullet, Captain Morgan´s Revenge, Circle of Execution, Cliteater, Coexsistence, Convictive, Countless Skies, Critical Mess, Dead Label, Dead Season, Decapitated, Decaying Days, Demons & Wizards, Desdemonia, Dimmu Borgir, Distruzione, Doctor Cyclops, Dopelord, Dornenreich, Dream Theater, Esodic,, Eternal Delyria. Fallen Arise, Fearancy, Finntroll, Fleshless, Gaahls Wyrd, Glista, God is an Astronaut, Heart of A Coward, Heathenspawn, Hellavista, Helstar, Hexa Mera, Hour of Penance, Hydra, Hypocrisy, Immortal Shadow, Impaled Nazarene, In the Woods, Incursed, Infected Rain, Infinitas, Inmate, Intervals, Islay, Kairos, Kalmah, Klynt, Korpiklaani, Kvelertak, Leave Scars, Leeched, Liquid Graveyard, Lucifer, Lurking, Morost, Molybaron, Moonskin, Neurosis, Necrophobic, Noctiferia, Nox Vorago, Obsolete Incarnation, October Tide, Procreation, Pyroxene, Reject the sickness, Richthammer, Rise of the Northstar, Ritam Nereda, Rolo Tomassi, Rotting Christ, Saturnus, Scaredust, Shade of Hatred, Signs of Algorithm, Siska, Skeletal Remains, Slave Pit, Soilwork, Stoned Jesus, Svart Crown, Swarm of Serpents, Tarja, Teleport, Ten Ton Slug, Tiamat, The Bearded Bastards, The Privateer, The Ruins of Beverast, The Vintage Caravan, Tribulation, Une Misere, Unhuman Insurrection, W.E.B., While She Sleeps, Winterhorde.

Source: MD

Information and posters: MD

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