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Last night's concert was Bullet For My Valentine's first concert in Croatia.

Overpower warmed up the stage and the crowd. They played for apx half an hour and then BFMV came to the stage around 21:15.

BFMV played 13 songs (old and new stuff) and there was a drum solo too.

This is the list of the tracks: Don't Need You, Over It, Your Betrayal, 4 Words (To Choke Upon), Worthless Letting You Go, The Last Fight, Drum Solo, Scream Aim Fire, Piece of Me, No Way Out, Suffocating, Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do), Tears Don't Fall, Waking the Demon.

It was not a surprise that the biggest reaction of the audience was when the band started to play Tears Don't Fall. It is a huge hit indeed and soon it will be 15 years since it got released. So, you could feel a lot of nostalgia among the fans while they were singing along with Matthew Tuck through the whole song. When it comes to Tuck, his voice is the same as it was, which is truly amazing.

Boogaloo was pretty full and that was a really nice thing to see in person. Boogaloo is a well known club with lots of concerts in its history and now it's truly back on track. The concert was not sold out though.


The one thing almost everyone did not see coming was the concert ending early. The band ended the concert after one hour and ten minutes and everybody was confused because in that moment it wasn't clear if it's just another pause for the bis (there was a short pause before) or the concert truly ended. However, when the band started to come out and saying their goodbyes, it was more than obvious it was the end of the concert.

Still, the atmosphere during the concert was amazing. Everybody was jumping, screaming, singing and laughing. All of these factors created unique vibes and when it comes to concerts, vibes are crucial. The band was very energetic and they played perfectly. Also, they were communicative, not too much but enough. The lights were beautiful and the sound was great. Listening to the audience reactions after the concert and reading comments online, I would say people are mostly pleased with the concert. There are, though, a lot of them who are still disappointed because of the shortness of the concert and the lack of some hits on the setlist.

Thank you Bullet For My Valentine, this was something new and refreshing indeed.

Highlights from the concert:

Photos and video: Dina Cvek ©dipARTicle

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