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Bang Bang held their first full length concert and celebrated their 7th year as a band on Friday, 1st of March in Tvornica Kulture Zagreb. The place was filled with fans and supporters, the atmosphere was amazing and the feedback was thrilling.

The concert began sometime before 22h with their new released song Superstar. The band performed old and new stuff and finished the concert around 23.30h. The audience sang along, danced and cheered the band through to whole concert. Lara Antić Prskalo, as an energy starter, and true frontwoman, gave an amazing performance. Her balanced self confident appearance, amazing vocal control, positive attitude and the perfect dynamics of high and low tones left a lot of people speechless. Also, her communication with the audience was honest, unobtrusive and humble. Everything was balanced and fluid, without any pressure and with an enormous pleasure you could feel and taste.

It needs to be mentioned that Hrvoje Prskalo, band's producer, songwriter, composer and guitarist, pleasantly surprised the audience with his singing at some point during the concert.

The band had few special guests. An electric violin and a trumpet were a back up during some songs and they truly made the songs richer and put them of a higher music level. Also, Saša Antić from TBF performed with the band their song Kako stoje stvari which he originally sings with them. He performed one more song and entertained the audience for a couple of minutes and then gave his thanks to the band and the audience who thanked him back with great applause.

Sometime before the end of the concert the band performed their well known song Imam and after the song ended Lara continued to sing the chorus of the song a cappella. It was truly amazing to hear all the people singing along with her.

The lights at the stage were mesmerising and perfectly followed the songs and the band through the whole night. That was a really nice touch which raised the overall impression of the night at least one level up.

The night ended with an after party for fans, friends and family. A great ending for a great night.

The band showed courage, knowledge, experience and an enormous talent in front of the filled Tvornica kulture which was a truly amazing place for them to perform in. It was more then obvious they prepared themselves well for this night. But, you could also see years of performed concerts and years of building a unique performance with passion, great energy and amazing pop-rock vibes.

The band had an amazingly positive energy and you could feel that the night was a win for them. Like Lara, the vocalist, said during the concert: "Our hearts are full, thank you".

We made a short aftermovie to remember the 1st of March of 2019 as a night of Bang Bang's amazing performance and a new, refreshed and strengthened chapter of their career.


Photos: Patrik Zubaj

Video: Dina Cvek


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