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Cold Snap & MBurns held one hell of a metal night at Palach, Rijeka on the 15th of February. MBurns were a support band and they opened the night with an a truly great concert. They started around 22.15h and warmed up the stage and the audience perfectly. Cold Snap started sometime around 23.30h and held, as always, an amazing performance. They played old and new songs, the energy was over the top and the audience gave an amazing feedback.

It was nice seeing good old Palach full with people. There were people from Rijeka but also from its surroundings. Even a bus from Pula came to support the bands.

The night went smoothly and everyone was having fun. It was an energetic night filled with awesome metal riffs, sick mosh pits and great atmosphere.

We captured some highlights of the night and made a short aftermovie. Check it out below.

Photos & video: dipARTicle

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