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Poster: MD

Neurosis was added to MetalDays' 2019 line -up.

This is the band we wanted to have at MetalDays since forever, but somehow it didn't work. Having them in 2019 line up, makes us excited and happy at the same time! Don't miss them at Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister stage on July 22nd! - MD posted and surprised everyone with the news.

Neurosis is an experimental, avant-garde metal band from Oakland, California.

Members of the band: Steve Von Till, Dave Edwardson, Jason Roede, Noah Landis, Scott Kelly,


1987 Pain of Mind

1990 The Word As Law

1992 Souls at Zero

1993 Enemy of the Sun 1996 bThrough Silver In Blood. 1999 Times of Grace

2000 self-released Sovereign 2001 A Sun That Never Sets

2004 The Eye of Every Storm

2007 Given to the Rising

2012 Honor Found in Decay

2016 Fires Within Fires

Source: neurotrecordings

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