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The folk metal attraction Korpiklaani will perform in Tvornica Kulture Zagreb, along with the support Turisas and Trollfest, on the 12th of March. The concert is part of the tour Wayfarers & Warriors.

Korpiklaani's music is based on Finish traditional music which is combined with metal riffs and traditional beer drinking. Since their first album from 2003, Spirit Of The Forest, the band continued to grow and they are now on the top of the metal scene. They released 12 albums and have their own unique sound. In the 2018 they released their 13th album Kulkija which are promoting on this tour.


Co headliners on Korpiklaan's tour is Turiras, a Finish folk metal band founded in 1997. The band was named after the Finish God of War. Turisas combines folk metal with power and symphonic metal with clean vocals. Most of their solos are performed on the electric violin. The band released 4 albums, the last was Turisas 2013, released in 2013 under Century Media.


The special guest on this tour is Trollfest. Their first album Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest was released in 2005 under Solistitium Records. They performed at the pagan fest Ragnarok & Riedfest in 2008 and on Walken Open Air in 2018. On this tour they are promoting their 10th album Norwegian Farytales which was recently released under Nuclear Blast.


The concert will start at 19h and the ticket price is 190kn before the concert and 215kn on the day of the concert.

The tickets can be found via entrio or in these places: Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18

Rockmark – Berislavićeva 13

Valhalla Beer Bar – Radićeva 25 FB event: PHOTOS: Twilight Promotion

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