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Extreme Smoke 57 is more than an important name in the history of European Grindcore. Formed in early 1990 as the first band to play this genre in Slovenia. Their music was very much influenced by early Napalm Death, Sore Throat, Fear of God, Agathocles and Patareni. Throughout the years they have had numerous releases on various formats. Their 7 inch EP ''Who Sold the Scene?!?'', released in 1996, was dubbed the »most striking and immortal grind record ever«. A must for every listener of noisy sounds. The band disbanded in 1992, but decided to reunite in 2008. They still feel lots of link into making this kind of music, even if it doesn't sound like it used to be back in the early days. It's impossible to do the same thing all over and over again, but it still sounds grindy. Since then the band has performed on some well-known European festivals such as MetalDays, Obscene Extreme, Exit and Punk-Rock holiday. In the past they also toured Spain, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech republic etc as well constant gigs around native Slovenia.


Poster & text: GoatHell Metal Fest

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