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Source: Bang Bang

BANG BANG is a pop rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. They band was founded in 2012 and in the same year they signed with Croatia Records.

The band has six members: Lara Antić, Hrvoje Prskalo, Damir Medić, Ivan Havidić, Mihael Kurjančić i Vedran Kovačić-Beli

During years of creating music, the band got several awards, including Porin award for the new band of the year; Mega Muzika Award for the best young band; an award for the album of the year on the Croatian radio etc.

In 2016 the band went on another level and created the soundtrack for the film ZG80 which was officially announced the most watched Croatian film in 2017. The composer was Hrvoje Prskalo, band's producer, songwriter, composer and guitarist.

In the past two years the band released many new singles, Ne zaboravi me, Stranci, Pijani i zaljubljeni, Kako stoje stvari, Papar i Sol, Što ako ne bude po tvom.

Their first album Bez Obzira Na Sve can be found here:

Što ako ne bude po tvom?

Kako stoje stvari?

Bang Bang's first solo full-lenght concert will be held in Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb on the 1st of March. That will also be a celebration of their 7th birthday.

Bang Bang's big concert in Tvornica kulture- a fierce concert for fierce times!

Fierce times require a fierce answer and the best place for a fiery when it comes to rock music is in Tvornica! - said Lara Antić Prskalo, the singer in Bang Bang.

The band released one album, 11 singles and videos and they created a unique and different sound, a combination of pop and rock music with retro elements. They showed experience both in original music field and in cover songs.

Their songs, such as Imam, Papar i sol & Kako stoje stvari put the band on top lists in Croatia.

The band held a lot of concerts, their music is not an everyday thing and now, with this big concert, they have an opportunity to show something more and something bigger.

Expect the unexpected - because we believe we will surprise many people with our live concert in Tvornica kulture- said Hrvoje.

The tickets for the concert can be found on entrio. The price is 40kn before the concert and 50kn on the day of the concert.

See you in Tvornica!

Official Facebook event:

Other links:

Photos: Patrik Zubaj Photography (dipARTicle)

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