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Source: GoatHell Metal Fest

One more name was added to the 2019 GoatHell Metal Fest line-up - INIRA.

Inira is a modern metal band, founded in 2006 in the North East of Italy. In the early days, the band was influenced by melodic death metal bands such as In Flames. That same year, they recorded a 3-track promotional demo, “7.62”, and some of the tracks were included in various Italian Underground Metal compilations.

In 2010, the band recorded their first full-lenght album, “Revolution Has Begun”, which was mastered by Achim "Akeem" Köhle (Amon Amarth, Primal Fear, Sinner). With this album the band signed for the US label Arctic Music Group for a worldwide distribution. After some line-up changes the band changed their sound, resembling more the Metalcore and Post-Core genre.The band started to write new stuff, and in 2013 a self-released EP, “Antartide”, was released.

In the coming period, the band started working on new material, which resulted in their second full-length album “Gray Painted Garden”. The album was released by Another Side Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records Inc. In its career, the band played many shows in Austria and Italy, sharing the stage with the names such as Hanzel Und Gretyl (USA), Elvenking, Extrema, Raintime, Despite Exile, Desasterkids (DE), etc.


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