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Cold Snap / by dipARTicle (Patrik Zubaj) - archive - Balkan Metal Meeting, Uljanik Pula (2017)

Cold Snap recently released their 4th album All Our Sins; the album was released under Arising Empire; their concert in Rijeka is getting closer & they are often surprising their fans with new videos. So, we had some questions for them and we talked with the band guitarist, Dorian Pavlović.

INTERVIEW - 9/1/2019

Can you tell us something more about your recent album, All Our Sins? What is the meaning behind the name of the album? Are you satisfied with the results, mostly with the feedback?

The album was recorded in January of 2017 at Antfarm studios in Denmark, and is produced by Tue Madsen who also worked with bands such as Meshuggah, Dark Tranquility, Sick of it All, Madball, Ektomorf and many many more. Album was released under Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast. Name of the album is both a statement and a reminder, both to us individually and as a society. What I mean by that is that the name is in direct relation with lyrical themes on the album, they range from deeply personal thoughts about love, depression, political themes like immigration; basically the way we see the world and the way we perceive ourselves. We are extremely pleased with the feedback. We got so many great reviews even from huge publications like Metal Hammer and Kerrang! and many many more, we played at some great festivals side by side with bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Decapitated, Jinjer, Watain...... Our guitar players became artists for Blackstar amps and Solar guitars, our drummer got endorsed by Aura handmade drums also we got so many new fans from all over the world and it has really taken the band to a whole new level. So yes we are more than pleased with the feedback :)

Cold Snap / by dipARTicle (Patrik Zubaj) - archive - Balkan Metal Meeting, Uljanik Pula (2017)

All Our Sins was released under Arising Empire, a sub-label of Nuclear Blast. That was a huge step forward for the band. What changed and how do you feel about it?

Yes indeed it was. It has definitely opened a lot of new business opportunities. I mean Nuclear Blast is the biggest label in metal atm. To have such a big label behind you feels really good and it gives us a chance to be more focused on the music.

You are posting new videos frequently, which gives a visual meaning to your music. The most important thing is that you are doing almost everything by yourselves. Also, you were awarded for some of your work. Is that something you planned from the beginning and would you say that is important in you music career? What is coming next?

Well, we aren't doing it all exactly by ourselves per se. We have few more people that work with us on making our ideas into reality. Those are Tin and Ivana Majnarić and they are two extremely talented people and we are really happy and proud to have them aboard. Yes, we planned it from the beginning, not the award winning part of it but we definitely always tried to put a lot of thought into visual aspect of the band. Especially videos because visual presentation is as important and sends equally strong message as music. You will have to follow us on our official channels to see what's next but we do have a few surprises coming your way :)

Cold Snap / by dipARTicle (Patrik Zubaj) - archive - Balkan Metal Meeting, Uljanik Pula (2017)

The concert in Rijeka is getting closer. Are you excited? Will there be any other concerts soon?

Of course we are :) Rijeka was always a great place for a show and Palach is a club that has a special place in our hearts. We will be playing with our good friends MBurns so there is definitely going to be one hell of a party :) We have some concerts planned for this year such as Fajtfest in Czech Republic this summer but most of the shows are yet to be announced.

You collaborated with Eddie Berg and Harald Barrett from Imminence while working on your new album. How did that happen? Besides being a vocalist, Eddie is also a video director. Also, Imminence signed with Arising Empire as well. Were those the things which brought you together? Will there be any more of that?

Yes, both Eddie and Harald are extremely talented and they both brought something new to the album. The thing that brought us together was our former vocalist Dario Berg and we are very thankful to him for that, sharing a same label was just an added bonus. There might be more of these collaborations in the future, who knows.

Cold Snap / by dipARTicle (Patrik Zubaj) - archive - Balkan Metal Meeting, Uljanik Pula (2017)

When you compare yourselves to Cold Snap from 2003, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? What has changed, especially in your music?

We have way more gray hair :) A lot has changed, from the line up to the music and to our worldview. I mean, we are a lot older - 16 years to be exact, we played more than 400 live shows, were on many Festivals, released 4 albums.... Did a lot of things we dreamt about doing when we first started the band and went beyond that. Music has changed also but that is to be expected right? Especially with the line up change, but I believe that all the changes were for the best and we are really happy with where Cold Snap is at the moment.

Making of All Our Sins


The concert will be held in Palach, Rijeka, on the 15th of February. Cold Snap's special guest will be MBurns. You can find more about the upcoming concert here and here.


Photos: dipARTicle

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