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Source: Los Angeles Agency

Another date was announced for Foo Fighters in Arena Pula, Croatia.

After the first date had been sold out in only few minutes but most of the tickets had been sold in presale, another date (18.6.) was added. So, there will be 2 concerts in a row in the beautiful Arena Pula. This time, there will be no presale.

A lot of fans remained without a ticket the 1st time so this is a 2nd chance indeed. Hopefully, all of those who were dissapointed, now will enjoy the concert in the unic location.

Foo Fighters released 9 albums, they were headliners on many world's Festivals. Their recent album from 2017 is "Concrete and Gold". The band is known for playing at impressive locations in front of impressive number of fans.

The organizer of the band's concerts in Pula is Los Angeles Agency.

The dates:



So, the tickets for 19.6. are sold out but the tickets for 18.6. are going on sale tomorrow (14th of December) at 10 a.m. The prices will be the same as before and they can be found on eventim's salling spots and eventim's website. Also, it is important to say that one person can buy up to 4 tickets.


These are pretty exclusive concerts with limited number of tickets (7000) and Pula is the first European town which will be hosting two Foo Figters's concerts in a row. Also, this is the 2nd time that such a big name will be helding 2 concerts in a row in Croatia, after U2 in 2007 in Zagreb had that opportunity.

Official event:

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