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Photo: dipARTicle

A (mainly) progressive metal night with Monuments, Kryn, Atlas, Kadinja & Vola was held last night in club Močvara in Zagreb.

Despite the modest lighting on stage, the atmosphere was radiant. The bands were amazing, everything went more than great and the feedback was beautiful.

Atlas (Northcore) was 1st on the stage and opened the night. The public was still gathering during the first concert but the support was big and the band was great

2nd on stage was Kadinja. The band gave an energetic performance, the feedback was amazing and after the concert the public was ready for more music.

Kryn was 3rd. This was their 'comeback' concert. They were excited, happy and thrilled and with this mix of emotions and their amazing energy, they truly held an amazing concert. They played two new songs and the performance was great. It is always amazing to see Kryn’s support system, the amazing Croatian fans.

4th on the stage was Vola who gave us something new and very interesting. They got an amazing feedback of the public, the club was almost full during their concert and they warmed up the public for the headliner of the evening, Monuments.

Monuments had an amazing performance, the band was energetic, powerful and it was truly a pleasure seeing them live. Močvara was full, which is always great to see, the atmosphere was amazing and despite the fact they played after four bands, the public was still alive, energetic and the support was bigger than expected.

Overall, a truly powerful metal night with great bands who support each other in the best way. Definitely a huge ‘bravo’ to the organizers, Hangtime Angency & Good Vibrations.

Link to the short aftermovie of the night:

Video by: Dina Cvek

Music in video: Kryn - song: Reminder

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