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Photo: Vedran Levi

Last night's concert of the legendary prog rock band Jethro Tull was sold out. There wasn't one free place in the audience of Dom Sportova in Zagreb. The concert lasted for two hours with one 15-minute break. The band was amazing, the feedback was more than amazing and the atmosphere was beautiful. The stage was simple with a simple lighting. However, the performance was energetic and also colourful, thanks to the beautiful visualisations on the wall behind the band which was 'following' the music. It was showing projections during the whole concert. There were videos, effects and video messages from different artists who are friends and colleagues with Jethro Tull, such as Slash, Steve Harris, Joe Bonamassa, Tony Iommy and many past members of the band and others.

Photo: Dragutin Andrić -

Ian Andersen, a truly charismatic person, was jumping, running and communicating with the audience the whole time. He told stories of the band, music and his life. he was singing, playing guitar, flute and lip harmonics. Two hours of their music passed in a second. It is truly a specific genre of music, mainly called progressive rock but it is much much more than that. A combination of various instruments, rock riffs, unexpected transitions, light melodies and colourful vocals.

Photo: dipARTicle

This was their 50 anniversary tour concert. 50 years of career, music, tradition, friendship and history. It was an honour seeing the band and listening to Anderson's life work.

Thank you, Jethro Tull.

Photo: Monika Bračević -

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