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MONUMENTS, VOLA, KRYN, KADINJA & ATLAS | Good Vibrations | Močvara, Zagreb | 17/10/2018

Photo: Hangtime Agency

A long night of pure metal music and various expressions will take place in Močvara, Zagreb on the 17th of October.

MONUMENTS, experimental/progressive metal band from UK is coming to Zagreb for the first time where they will be promoting their new album "Phronesis". Their support in Zagreb will be VOLA, KADINJA, ATLAS and KRYN.

The whole evening is a part of Monument's tour and it will be a truly rich metal night with 5 bands and 5 different genres. The organisers are Hangtime Agency and Good Vibrations from Zagreb and KRYN as a co-host.

VOLA is a progressive rock, electronic, industrial, extreme metal band from Denmark, KADINJA is a a progressive metal band from France, ATLAS is, as they labeled their sound, a northcore band from Finland, KRYN is a modern metal band from Croatia and is now returning to stage after a certain break. They have been rocking the scene in Croatia (and further) for years and now, after a break, they are even more ready to show their new work and their energetic performance.

The tickets are available in Dirty Old Shop (Zagreb) or via Entrio.


Photo: André Symann


Photo: Good Vibrations



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