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Photo by ©Patrik Zubaj

Dark Circle Fest (Dark "O" Metal Fest) was held on the 24th and 25th of August in Rijeka (Hartera). This was the 5th edition of the Festival but this year, for the first time, the Fest went on under different name.

This year's edition had a lot of different metal names (Zenoth, Zvijer, Sailing To Nowhere, Sufosia, Belphegor, Kymera, MBurns, Left to Starve, Disbaja, SHIN, Morbid Creation, Krlja, Dickless Tracy & I am disease) on two stages. The location was, as always, Hartera (Rijeka), a colorful and ambiental location which, combined with music, delivers a truly great Festival.

If you got hungry, besides hot dogs, you could have a bowl of maneštra, which is a traditional Istrian dish. If you wanted a place to chill out, you could go to the terrace to enjoy drinking beer under the stars and listening to some DJ music.

There were DARK SHOPS and it is important to say that this year the Festival gave the visitors a significantly richer merchandise.

All the visitors who needed to travel to get to the Festival had 40 percent discount for the train ticket with HŽ Putnički Prijevoz, the official transporter for the Festival.

Also, there was a free camp on the Festival venue for all the visitors who wanted to spent more time on the Festival grounds.

The organizers from Ri Rock made a huge effort to organize this year's edition. It was a mixture of metal music, great location, good food and beautiful energy.

We made a short aftermovie for the first day of the Festival to show some powerful moments and moments worth remembering.

Video made by: ©Dina Cvek

Photos will be out soon.

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