Having in mind that this was the first edition of the Festival, it was amazing to see all the positive reactions which came from the bands, the enthusiastic and pleased visitors, the media and the organizers themselves.

The first edition of GoatHell Metal Fest officially ended yesterday. The Festival lasted for three days, had few hundred people in the crowd who came from Croatia, our neighbours Slovenia, Italy, Hungary and few more countries including UK & Sweden.

The 1st day was a relaxed opening day followed by four bands (Tranquilizer, Despotic Bullet, Chronic Disease & Dropthehammer), music and an excited crowd. It was a first day of Summer and the first day of something new, big and beautiful in Pula.

The 2nd day was mainly focused on Jinjer, the headliner of the day. Jinjer held a truly amazing concert. The atmosphere was great, the band was energetic and positive and the crowd followed and applied that energy until the very end. Tatiana Shmailyuk, the band's vocalist, had an amazing performance. The band has an enormous energy, they are dynamic and explosive and Tatiana's voice and her communication with the crowd made everything even more impressing. The crowd recognized the positive vibe and the feedback was enormous.

The 3rd day also brought us several bands, including Infernal Tenebra and finally Sinister as the headliner. Infernal Tenebra showed once again how dynamic they were, how big their support is and how friendly and positive they are. In one moment they even started to give away beers to the public so they can all drink together during the concert.

Sinister is a band with great and significant tradition. The public enjoyed their concert to the fullest and it was easy to see that this is a band with their own history and stories to tell. 30 years of history, to be precise. Aad Kloosterwaard is an icon. His already strong appearance is spiced up with his powerful and strong vocals which makes a perfect combination. Their fans were blown away with their performance which is the most beautiful thing to see and to hear, both for the band and the Festival's organization.

Besides the mentioned bands, these are the bands who also shared the stage on Friday & Saturday:

Martyrium, Symetry Of The Void, My Funeral, Repulsive Vision, UDS, Atrexial, Mechanical God Creation, Old Night, Mindahead, Arkana Code, Other Eyes Wise, Reapter, Scarlet Aura, Core System, Chaos Engine Research.

The concerts, drinks, food & the merchandise were followed with few Gladiators fights and art exhibitions - illustrations and statues located in abandoned military facilities, near the stage. The artwork was made by Mario Devčić, Ksenija Mijoković, Nikola Mijoković & Laura Pepel.

These following contents gave the Festival something refreshing and new and it was definitely a level up, especially for the first year of the Festival.

It is important to add that GoatHell Metal Fest is an eco-friendly Festival. There were no single use plastic cups but only official Festival's cups which visitors needed to buy and could use all three days of the Festival. In that way, there was no garbage and no pollution of the environment.

The location of the Festival is beautiful. This is a pure bonus to an already excellent project. The Festival offers the experience of the music, the artwork, the nature, the sea, the ruins and the amazing view (Pula - Arena, the Lighting Giants (cranes, a great attraction in Pula) in one package. That's something that organizers can be truly proud of.

Having in mind that this was the first edition of the Festival, it was amazing to see all the positive reactions which came from the bands, the enthusiastic and pleased visitors, the media and the organizers of the Festival (Kairos organization). Truly a great synergy. So, it is not hard to say this was a great start of something which can become a lot more. We are looking forward to the next edition.


We gathered all of our thoughts in the 5 minute video.


For the full photo album, click on the LINK.

Video: Dina Cvek & Patrik Zubaj (Music in the video: Jinjer)

Photos: Patrik Zubaj

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