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Scorpions held almost 2 hours long concert on the 8th of June @ Arena Stožice in Ljubljana (SLO).

This was a concert which was suposed to be held in December of 2017 but at that time the band needed to postpone the concert due to some health issues. Meine repeated how sorry they were several times during the concert.

The setlist was versatile and it was even more great to hear how they made it clever and dinamic. It was a solid gradation so the end of the concert could be perfect, which indeed was.

The best feedback was during ‘Is There Anybody There’, ‘Send Me and Angel’, ‘Wind of Change’, ‘Still Loving You’ & ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’.

However, nothing would be how it was without Meine’s amazing communication with the fans. He was happy and full of energy, along with other members of the band. Every single member was jumping or running while Mikey was smashing it on the drums.

Meine’s vocals are something worth hearing, a beautiful voice with beautiful songs - needs to be pointed out.

Mikey Dee had an amazing drum solo and it was awsome to see him with Scorpions on stage. Truly a great combination and something worth remembering.

The Arena Stožice was a great place for this experience. Big but ‘warm’ place with amazing view whether you were sitting or staying.

The light show and the visual effects were mind blowing which made the concert even better.

Scorpions were founded in 1965 and it is mesmerizing to see how beautifully energetic, positive and brilliant they are, even today, after all this years.

Thank you Scorpions, it was wonderful having an opportunity to see you and hear you live.

Video with concert's highlights:

Photos: Patrik Zubaj

Video: Dina Cvek

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