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IRON MAIDEN recently started with their THE LEGACY OF THE BEAST tour and all the Nordic concerts with over 130 000 fans were sold out. For now, the reviews are more than positive and the fans is thrilled.


Tallinn, Estonia:

“The stage scenery and the rest of the show easily surpassed the expectations of the audience.. Iron Maiden knows how to get a concert going from the very first song. The spitfire plane hanging above the stage instantly drew everyone’s attention…and the concert hall could barely accommodate the number of Estonians who wanted to see Iron Maiden” Õhtuleht (The Evening Post – Estonia’s biggest daily paper).

Helsinki, Finland:

  • “The same never-ending energy that had the band buzzing at the top of the new wave of British heavy metal in the early 1980s, is still here…In today´s music scene, I cannot think of many other bands like Iron Maiden. The band can vary the sets on their tours almost endlessly from their 16 studio albums…As long as all this stays interesting to the band, we will hopefully all be able to enjoy shows like this for a long time. “ Helsingin Sanomat 28.5.2018

  • “For 40 years, Iron Maiden has been a front runner in their own genre and nothing suggests it's time to leave the stage for good. Iron Maiden is in top shape, offering an entertaining and well-played concert to an enthusiastic audience.” HBL 29.5.2018

  • “Seriously, this could be their finest set to date…from the set list, the performances and the thought put into this stage production we guarantee no Iron Maiden fan will walk away from the show without grinning like an absolute maniac” UK Kerrang! Magazine 28.5.2018.

Stockholm, Sweden:

  • “Iconic Iron Maiden enchants a sold-out Tele2 Arena with a visually stunning show, refreshing setlist and an energy beyond this world” Aftonbladet (4/5) 1.6.2018

  • “Powerful and awesome” Expressen 1.6.2018

Trondheim, Norway:

  • “They came, they saw, they conquered! Iron Maiden is a victory in Trondheim” Dagbladet (5/6) 3.6.2018

The band's manager Rod Smallwood commented "Even though we’re only five shows into the new tour, the reaction from the fans has been simply overwhelming! Just watching everyone’s collective jaw drop as the elaborate stage set gradually reveals itself, has been so rewarding. We pulled out all the stops to try and make this the most spectacular live Maiden tour production ever, and hope the fans agree that we just may have done that. It’s very gratifying to see the crowd’s reaction as the setlist weaves its way through the various interlocking worlds and themes we’d been teasing people with right from the very first look at the stained glass windows last year. We were inspired by the game and its interlocking worlds for this tour and we hope our fans, after the shows, will appreciate the cohesion when they return to the mobile game and see, for example, the Cathedral PVP arena or fight with Eddie and other characters.“

Source: (official press release)

Photos: John McMurtrie

Photos: John McMurtrie

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