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Croatian metal bands keep it going with new music and new videos.

Photo: Tomislav Pliško ( Blind Cam Productions )

Recently, Mortal Divinity from Pula released a new music video for their single Joshi [Japanese word for good luck].

The song and the video are an announcement for their new album which will soon be released.

The video tells an everyday life story about a man who represents today's lifestyle which in most cases leads to a dead end. I would dare to say that the video is truly a vivid criticism of a single person's life who represents today's society in general. The video was directed by Eric Vojak (Blind Cam Productions) who is also a drummer in the band.

The band had a lot of concerts and so far they released a demo called Painting the Mirros, an EP Deceptive Perfection and a single Devil With Angel Wings.



Sufosia released a new video for their song Alone from their album Blazing Energy.

Let's reming ourselves, we did an interview with the band last year and talked about their previous work, their plans and visions.


Sufosia 2017 (Fotografija: Petar Krajačić Vilović)

The video was directed by Petar Krajačić Vilović, the DOP and editor is Dario Radusin.


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