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Photo: Dark Circle Fest

Dark O Metal Fest has a new name but the Festival remained the same. The "O" always referred to a circle so the new name Dark Circle Fest just embodied the idea. The nickname for the Festival is still "Darko" and is important for the fans to know that. Also, the Fest is returning to its roots by transferring the Festival to August. So, this year the Festival will be held on the 24th and 25th of August in Hartera, Rijeka.

Regarding this year's line up, the Festival got few confirmations so far. The crowd will have an opportunity to watch The Crown, E.N.D., Kymera & Sufosia. More bands will be announced soon.

The Swedish death metal band The Crown is coming to Croatia for the first time. They are the headliners of this year's Dark Circle Fest and will be promoting their new album Cobra Speed Venom.

E.N.D. held a concert at Dark O Metal Fest five years ago and for that the Festival is truly grateful to them because they helped the Festival in every way possible and it wouldn't be the same if it weren't for them. The thrash metal band from Zadar has a 22 year long career and had shows at Brutal Assault, Metal Camp and many other festivals.

Kymera is a thrash death metal band from Osijek. This will be their first show at Dark Circle Fest. They will present their new album Craving the Unreachable but also leave room for old stuff from their album Stillborn.

Sufosia is a melodic thrash metal band from Zagreb. The band was founded in 2006 and had many concerts on big metal festivals, including MetalCamp, Metal Mania Fest, Metalfest, MetalDays ect. Their biggest viral success happened with their cover of Megadeth's song Hangar 18 which they released in 2009. They collaborated with Nick Menza, Chris Poland, James LoMenzo and many other big names. Their first album Inspiration Breakdown was released in 2011 and the second one they released independently in 2017. We are now waiting for their 3rd album. Not so long ago we talked with Davor Garašić and published a great interview.

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