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Scorpions @ Ljubljana - new date!

The concert which was supposed to be held @ Dvorana Stožice in Ljubljana on the 5th of December was postponed due to Klaus Meine's health issues. However, the new date is out. The concert will be held on the 8th of June 2018.


Let's refresh our memories..

They had been playing since the 70s and are still rocking it hard. This will be their first time in Slovenia and that concert will be the second last show on their Crazy World tour. Also, on this tour, Mikkey Dee from Motörhead will be playing with the band for the first time.

Their first album Lonesome Crow went out in 1972 but their album Love at First Sight from 1984 was a real break through for the band. Rock You Like a Hurricane & Still Loving You are just few of many hits from that album.

After more than five decades of creativity, shows and 18 albums, Scorpions gave the public a lot of surprises through changes in their music expression. They earned their place in music history and industry mostly with their hit Wind of Change from 1991. That song is an ode to political changes which happened in Europe in the end of 20th century. So, today that song brings a lot of nostalgia and excitement.

Their carrier is filled with more than hundred of millions sold albums and performances around the world in front of millions of people.

Crazy World tour was named after their biggest album success. Before this tour Klaus Meine said: "When we released the Crazy World album in 1991, in the end of The Cold War, you could feel hope and faith for better future. Now, 26 years later, there are even more tensions than before; the world is becoming crazier every day; so the Crazy World seems like a convenient name for our tour. We are happy we will be there with you".

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