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Photos: NuCoast Concerts d.o.o.

After their big tour 2016/2017 for the promotion of their 16th album The Book of Souls, Iron Maiden will start their 2018 tour with a series of concerts in arenas and festival concerts all over the Europe. The world tour Legacy of The Beast will begin in Tallinn in Estonia on the 26th of May and and will have its end in London on the 10th of August.

Iron Maiden will come to Zagreb on the 24th of July 2018. It is expected that the tour will continue in 2019. The concept of the tour is inspired by Maiden's mobile game and comic and the stage will include a bunch of different but still connected worlds which will follow the setlist created with a combination of 80s material and surprises from Maiden's late albums.

Their manager Rod Smallwood explained:

As our fans know, we’ve been following a specific tour cycle since Bruce and Adrian joined the band at the beginning of the millennium, alternating the tours we play music from new albums with ‘History/Hits’ tours. We enjoy working this way for many reasons, not least because it gives the band a chance to play both new material and the older favourites which we know fans like to hear. It keeps things fresh, not just for the fans but for the band too.

The tickets will be out on the 24th of November. For more information visit

You can buy the tickets via and in all the eventim sales points from 24th onwards.

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