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Arkona & StriboG in Boogaloo, Zagreb

The Russian etno folk metal attraction Arkona with the guest band Stribog will have a concert in Boogaloo club in Zagreb, Croatia, on the 2nd of February to promote their new album Khram.

The show will be a part of their Khram European tour 2018 during which the band will promote their new album Khram. The album will be released under Napalm Records on the 19th of January 2018. Arkona was founded in 2002 and they named themselves after the last Slavic fortress town. They make their music under the influence of Russian and Slavic traditional music and they use a lot of traditional instruments. The songs are based on Slavic mythology.

Maša Arhipova is the vocalist in the band. She uses clean vocals but also death growl which connects the band with metal music. Their first album Vozrozhdenie was released in 2004.


Arkona's support will be the famous folk metal group from Zagreb, Stribog, which creates their music also based on the Slavic mythology. Their 2nd album U okovima vječnosti was released under German label house Murderous Production. They are preparing their new album Tvoje kraljevstvo zeleno. Some songs from the upcoming album will be presented during their upcoming show in Boogaloo.


The concert will begin at 20h and the price of the ticket will be 100kn until the 1st of December. After that the price will be 130kn until the day of the concert when the price will be 150kn.

You can by the tickets here:


Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18 (

Rockmark – Berislavićeva 13

Kloto – Masarykova 14

Octopus Piercing Studio – Gundulićeva 37

Metal Beer Bar Valhalla – Radićeva 25

Purgatory – Ozaljska 47


Dallas Music Shop - Splitska 2A


Rock Shop Stress - Strossmayerova 7


On Parole -,

Eventim sistem,

Text and photos: Twilight Promotion

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