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Interview with Sufosia

Sufosia is a metal band from Zagreb. They began to play in 2006 and until now they had released two albums. The 3rd album will be out soon and they had some recent changes in the band so we decided to do an interview with the band. We spoke with the the vocalist and guitar in the band, Davor Garašić.

Sufosia 2017

Sufosia 2017 (Fotografija: Petar Krajačić Vilović)

1. When was the band founded, how many members does the band have, who are they and what kind of metal music do you play?

In early 2005 Ozren Futivić and I started playing together. We finished four songs and decided to form a band. The next year we had many great musicians in our band but they simply weren't a match. At the end of 2006 we finalised the band and began to play as Sufosia. There was an idea to have two guitars, one bass, a drummer and vocalist but with time the search for a vocalist wasn't successful so I decided to take this role.

From the very beginning we try to encourage creativity in each other and not close ourselves in specific genres. We started from heavy and thrash metal but for the past few years we turned ourselves to psychedelic and progressive expressions.

2. Who writes the music and the lyrics? Where does the inspiration come from?

The ideas for the first two albums came when few of us recorded some ideas at home and then we went through them on our rehearsals.

The 3rd album was created because of the team work on the rehearsals. We think that his album pulled most of our creativity and we think that's our best work so far.

The inspiration comes from everyday life. The music we make creates an atmosphere and feelings and that same atmosphere becomes the inspiration for the lyrics.

3. Tell us something about your previous work. You have two released albums and you held a lot of shows. Have you had any shows abroad and when?

From 2008 until now we had many concerts on big festivals in Croatia but also abroad (Hungary, Slovenia..).

In 2011 we independently released the album Inspiration Breakdown. The album secured our concerts on few bigger festivals in Croatia and Slovenia (Metaalfest, Metaldays, Metal Mania festival) but also the cooperation with few famous world musicians.

In 2017 we independently released the album Blazing Energy which got the attention of some famous record labels so we are now in negotiations for possible contract conclusion.

In the meantime we finished recording the 3rd album which should be presented to the public in early 2018.

4. What is your first thought when you remember your 2009 cover version of the Megadeth's hit Hangar 18? That was almost ten years ago and that video helped you in getting noticed by the audience.

"Oh God, we were so young, hahah".

In the beginning of our music career the public was constantly comparing my voice with Dave Mustain's voice. That comparisons were bothering me because I wasn't a big Megadeth 's fan. We made that cover for fun... go with a flow.

Five years later Robert Bolger, our current manager, got in touch with us over YouTube. In the next few months he made an agreement with the deceased Nick Menza, former Megadeth's drummer.

The first idea was to make covers of Metallica and Megadeth but later on we agreed to record the whole album with our original material. Sadly, that idea was stopped by the tragic destiny. Before his death, Nick did only one song with us. That was also the last metal song in his life.

5. What can you tell us about the collaboration with the deceased Nick Menza? What is your favourite memory?

When I came in front of his door, I got nervous. There were thoughts passing through my head, how I am about to meet the drummer which wrote the history of metal music.. I think I was standing in front of his door for about five minutes and thinking if I will ring the bell or not. Finally I rang the ball, Nick opened the door and he just hugged me, without saying a word. It was like we were long-time friends. From that moment forward I thought about him the same way, like a true friend.

6. Who else did you collaborate with?

We collaborated with James LoMenzo and the band Byzantine. There was a plan to collaborate with Rob Cavestany from Death Angel and guys fom Gojira but after Nick passed away that plans just vanished.

7. You had some changes in the band recently. What can you tell us about this, briefly?

Unfortunately, we can't live with what we earn with our music, not here where we live. So, the job forced some members to leave the band. Of course, we are all still one family and we are still friends. We still sometimes play together, just not in form of a band. We have two new members, Hrvoje Brnica on drums and Dario Bulatović on guitar. They are both great musicians and we 'clicked' on the first rehearsal.

8. What's next? Tell us something about your upcoming (3rd) album. Are there any upcoming shows you can announce?

Our 3rd album is the turning point in our music expression. It was created on our rehearsals, with collective speculation and merging ideas. We consider it our best album so far. Regarding our plans, we have few music videos in mind and the album promotion in the Spring. Next year we also plan to do a small tour in Croatia and surroundings.

9. What do you think about metal music scene in Croatia?

Metal music scene in Croatia was always small but strong. Today is even smaller but also weaker. However, it is still breathing. Croatia always followed the world trends and tried to copy them. These days tribute bands became quite a trend and this trend slowly but surely smothers the original music. Not just in metal but overall.

10. If you can put your love for metal music in few words, what would they be?

Serenity. Bliss. Freedom. Happiness.

Thank you Sufosia! Looking forward to your new album!

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