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Wintersun held the last show of their "The Forest Seasons" tour

Two days ago Wintersun held their last show of "The Forest Seasons" tour in Tvornica kulture (Zagreb).

Before they began with the show there were two other bands who definitely warmed up the crowd, Black Therapy and Whispered.

Wintersun presented their new album but gave the public the perfect pleasure of their older songs too. So it's not hard to say that the concert was truly amazing. Their energy, communication with the public and perfect performance of each song is something worth seeing and feeling at the same time.

It was maybe a little strange seeing Jari without his guitar but his voice is so amazingly beautiful and you can feel that he gave an amazing performance because he was devoted to singing fully. And of course, he still plays the guitar, just not during lives. So we can be calm.

The atmosphere was beautiful and honest. The place was full and everybody was enjoying themselves. You could truly see that.

The concert lasted for almost two hours and those hours of our lives were worth it.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to listen to such a great band. Hope to see them again soon and looking forward to their future material.

The link to the highlights of Wintersun's concert:

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