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Tom Jones in front of a full Arena Pula

Last night Tom Jones had a performance in front of a full Arena in Pula. The concert lasted for almost two hours and it was amazing having an opportunity to see it. Jones is still rocking it in the best way possible and his band is truly amazing. The instruments, from the brass section to keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums, are perfect accompaniment to vocalist like Tom Jones. He sang all his best hits and the audience was more than pleased. For the last few songs he invited the audience to stand up and come closer to the stage so the concert went from one level of already pure rock/blues/soul music and good atmosphere to another, stronger level full of positive energy and amazing vibes.

Tom Jones is a singer who has over 60 years of carrier behind him. His voice is something truly special, his performance is professional, gentlemanly and strongly positive. It is always an honour being a part of such a performance. Hope will be seeing him in Pula again in a few years.

You can take a look at a short clip from the concert via the link below:

(Need to cp-it!)

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