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MetalDays festival had another amazing edition. From 23rd until 29th of July this year's MetalDays festival held a lot of great concerts followed by the well known awesome audience that came from all over the world; Argentina, Mexico, Australia, countries from all over Europe and many many more.

Photos by: Patrik Zubaj

The main (Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister stage) and the second stage (Bosko Bursac stage) were hosts to many great bands with different metal genres and different group of fans but the podium was never empty. Marilyn Manson was the first headliner of the Festival and from what we could see, there wasn't any empty spot left. After that, every single band had its own big group of fans and every concert had a truly beautiful energy. Besides that, every band had a huge support of the audience and every concert had something special to talk about. Amon Amarth and Heaven Shall Burn, for example, had definitely the most heated performance, covered in fire show combined with great light show. Also, DORO had an enormous support and her concert was beyond beautiful to see. Her positive energy and strong vibe motivated the fans to jump and sing along with her up until the end of the concert which was something worth seeing. Still, every band (Pain, Opeth, Katatonia, Iced Earth, Batushka, Death Angel, Abbath etc.) had its own personalized performance and had left a big impression.

The New Forces Stage, this year’s novelty, was a host to many young, new and ‘fresh’ bands from all over the world. The stage was located near the river, in the camping site. Every single band that played there had an amazing opportunity to be part of the Festival so the positive vibes were present the whole time.

Death Angel ‘closed’ the Festival. They played on the second stage and their concert was exactly what a festival’s ending suppose to look like. They rocked the stage until almost 2am and their amazing energy didn’t let anyone indifferent. The podium was full and the vibes were overwhelming. That truly great concert maybe was the last concert of the Festival but was definitely not the end for the crowd. The party continued on the beach until late at night. Still, a small part of the Festival’s crowd even stayed the day after so they could cool off on the river and rest before they travel home. It’s always sad watching the Festival’s crew deconstructing the stages and the tents and the visitors leaving the campsite. However, it is interesting and kind of beautiful to see the nostalgia after the festival and the excitement for the next year’s edition.

The atmosphere on the Festival was amazing which it’s definitely not a surprise. Every single year after the Festival, the atmosphere is something people talk about the most. The location of MetalDays is something very precious and it has a big part in the Festival’s vibe and the impression it leaves on people. The mountains, the rivers and the nature along with the sun during the day and fresh air during the night in combination with concerts, food, drink, workshops and hangouts is something worth seeing and worth to feel. Even a few rainy moments and some sudden changes in the Festival’s line up and running order haven’t done anything to harm the overall impression and creation of new memories.

As always, it was a huge pleasure being part of the Festival and we are already counting days until the next edition. MetalDays festival, see you next year!

Video in form of a short after movie will be out soon!

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